What We Do

Fractional CMO Work

Perhaps you're a startup looking to scale up but not ready to invest in a full-time marketing executive.

Or you are going through a transition and need help from a seasoned marketing leader who can use equally well both sides of his brain. Someone who brings strategic and analytical thinking but also creativity and innovation at an agreeable cost.

Maybe you want a business coach to help you with hiring and training a small team of SDRs. Or a trusted advisor to guide you in choosing the right agency to work with.

Our CEO and Principal, Emil Mladenov, has been a member of senior leadership at several technology vendors and can provide a flexible arrangement that fits your needs and budget.

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Challenger-Style Thought Leadership

Are you trying to elevate your messaging above the industry noise? Is your marketing team struggling to position the company as a true thought leader?

Perhaps your webinars are falling short of registrations. Or your content does not properly spark, inform, and confront your customers.

Cerebrations has the Challenger expertise and the right supporting technology to make interactive and thought-provoking content that works even with the most elusive ICPs.

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Value-Based Lead Generation

If you're experiencing decreasing rates of conversions on your traditional digital campaigns, you are not alone. Since everyone is doing more or less the same, the signal-to-noise ratio in digital is very high.

Imagine a very different type of a campaign -- one that centers on providing immediate and unique value back to the customer. New leads give you permission to reach out because they want to find out how they stack up against their peers. Your sales reps can steer those leads toward your solution right there, while internalizing the pain of sticking with the status quo.

Cerebrations has developed a methodology that involves peer-to-peer benchmarking and deep personalization to position you as a trusted advisor vis-a-vis your ICPs. We also have a proprietary technology to do that personalization effectively at scale.

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What Else We Do

"Emil is a top-notch marketing executive who truly understands the impact of working hand-in-hand with sales."
         -VP of Sales, Healthcare Tech

Who We Serve

Healthcare Tech Sector

Emil's 8 years of service in various roles with increasing responsibility at healthcare technology companies, culminating with a stint on the executive team of an informatics startup allow Cerebrations to serve both healthcare vendors and actual provider organizations.

Our natural ICPs include:

  • Technology vendors
  • Informatics companies
  • Managed service providers
  • Academic medical centers
  • IDNs
  • Medical centers
  • Ambulatory practices

Educational Tech Sector

Having worked for one of the education technology companies with the highest brand awareness worldwide, Emil has intimate knowledge of the ins and outs of the educational space. Cerebrations can serve both vendors and actual educational institutions.

Our natural ICPs include:

  • LMS vendors
  • Corporate training vendors
  • E-learning platforms
  • Language learning apps
  • Brain training apps
  • Higher education institutions

Our Unique Approach



As digital marketing best practices become the norm across companies of all sizes and across all industries, we are starting to see a significant level of commoditization in terms of lead-generation campaigns.

In-house and agency marketers rely on the same tactics to get the coveted email address and opt-in of their targeted audiences -- namely, blog posts, webinars, white papers, infographics, explainer videos.



As all companies engage in more of the same, they amplify the noise-to-signal ratio in the industry. What is conceived as thought leadership becomes, in fact, just another piece of repetitive content.

Having been exposed to that level of commoditized outreach and engagement, our target audiences have learned to ignore most of what they see in their email inboxes or their social media feeds. In contrast, when they see something fresh and unique, they pay more attention.



Operating in the very challenging space of Healthcare Enterprise SaaS, we recognized the above-described problem years ago as we looked for ways to engage highly sophisticated and elusive target groups of ICPs, such as senior hospital executives, busy clinicians, and researchers.

We wanted to create something that gives immediate and unique value back to the folks we are targeting. We "borrowed" the concept of benchmarking from big management consulting companies as we knew allowing companies to compare against their peers was highly valued by senior executives. We turned benchmarking from a consulting exercise into a new form of lead-generation campaign. However, we needed a way to do this effectively, fast, and at scale. Thus, we also developed a proprietary platform to support the automatic creation of highly personalized benchmarking reports.



The results we see from these new value-based lead generation campaigns speak for themselves. Where we typically would get only a dozen of conversions with regular campaigns, we were now seeing hundreds of conversions through the benchmarking approach.

In addition to the 10x increase in conversions, we could also reap the additional benefit of creating unique data points that could help our thought leadership efforts. We were now approaching our ICPs from the powerful positions of trusted advisors.

Visualizing Our Approach

Our value-based lead generation approach is based on four main steps:

Step 1

We "spark" ICPs' interest by promising them the ability to compare a process or a workflow against their peers.

Step 2

By answering the survey, the ICPs start shifting their mental model toward the problems we want to highlight.

Step 3

ICPs receive personalized reports that "confront" their results and provide our "trusted advisor" recommendations.

Step 4

We use the personalized reports to schedule discovery calls, which your reps can refocus on your solutions.

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Who We Are

Emil Mladenov, MBA

CEO & Principal Consultant

• An analytical and creative business leader with a strong strategic background.

• Deep experience with Corporate Strategy, Marketing, Sales Development, Sales Enablement, Market Research, and Strategic Partnerships.

• Effectively utilizing both sides of the brain, combining data and facts with creativity and innovation.

• Former Head of Marketing at Inspirata (oncology informatics), Head of Digital Marketing at DrFirst (medication management), Head of Corporate Strategy at Rosetta Stone (language learning), and Consultant at Corporate Executive Board (now Gartner).

• Proven track record in achieving results through innovation.

• Respected leader, with multiple examples of building new teams, creating processes, and implementing technology stacks to support growth objectives.

• Cosmopolitan perspective (6 countries across 3 continents).

"Emil provided a great marketing partnership with our sales team as we worked to gain exposure and revenue with our offering. He leveraged the proper tools and technologies very collaboratively with our team to get the most out of a marketing campaign, trade show, etc."
                 - Sales Director, Healthcare Tech

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